Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slow Recovery and Music

I've been home from the hospital for over a week, but I still feel unwell.  I wanted to snap back quickly, and I have good days, but I've had some bad days of feeling feverish, achy, and generally under the weather.  I guess this is a slow recovery, and I just need to surrender to the process; however I can't help increasing my efforts to speed up things a bit, like going to acupuncture twice a week instead of the usual once, doubling my chinese herbal supplements (following the advice of the herbalist), and drinking raw juices and making my diet almost exclusively veggie/fruits.  Can't hurt - at least I hope not.  

I posted my story to Obama's Healthcare Stories website and received some Facebook traffic as a result.  One person wrote that she read my story in an email from Joe Biden.  Also heard from people in Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Winnipeg.  I had no idea how far the story would travel when I posted it, so this is a great surprise!  Just tried to go to the link and it says the page doesn't exist anymore - maybe they regularly delete to allow new ones?  Who knows.  Hopefully, it was not pulled because of the hundreds of times I clicked the megaphone icon that said "People should hear this."  Mine was the first story that popped up on the website for a while.  Here's the link that used to work:  
At least you can read others' stories.

When I was in the hospital and couldn't sleep, I watched a lot of late night talk shows and saw some great music acts.  I especially liked Phoenix's performance of "1901" on Letterman.  And here 'tis for your listening pleasure (the something different about them is Frenchness):

P.S. The Megan's Fund campaign comes to an end on Aug. 1st, and we are at $80,000 (including offline donations) towards the $100,000 goal.  I am overwhelmed and humbled by this response.  My deepest gratitude to everyone for your support - financial, emotional, and spiritual.  My heart is full.


  1. The Obama link works for me, Megan--how fantastic! I think it's a good sign that it was broken for a while . . . the server probably had a hard time keeping up with all the people viewing it.

    I have a wonderful feeling for you. Keep up the difficult healing work you're doing!!!

    My love and renewing energy to you,
    Michelle (feeling the love from Boston!)

  2. My prayers are with you..As a person with a crippling disability and chronic pain, I know too well the 'emotional rollercoaster' too. Please stay positive and think only good thoughts. Picture yourself healthy, write a letter or journal entry as if everything you want has already happened. My heart goes out to you and sends you much love and healing thoughts..I donated what I could and pray you reach your goal. No one should have to worry about bills or be denied any treatments,medications, alternative therapies, or anything that can improve their health or chances for recovery! Sharing your story takes courage, inspires others, gives us all the gift of helping another, and hopefully puts pressure to change our health care system too..thank you Megan for allowing me the blessing of helping and praying for another kindred spirit. Hugs..

  3. Many blessings, much positive energy...and hopefully many dollars...are being sent your way!! My husband had a nightmare battle with the insurance companies when he had cancer..sure makes it hard to enjoy any part of life when you have to fight so hard for the right to heal yourself. blessings!